SyntheMed ... Dedicated to Improved Patient Care

Founded in 1990, SyntheMed, Inc. is dedicated to using its proprietary bioresorbable polymer technology to develop and market products that improve the level of care provided to patients of all ages.

Our research and development efforts are aimed at using our bioresorbable polymer technology to create a diverse offering of products that address unmet therapeutic needs or improve the level of patient care and surgical utility as compared to current treatment methods. In addition to products for the prevention or reduction of post-operative adhesions, we believe that potential additional medical applications for our polymer technology include resorbable sutures, stents, coatings for implantable devices and drug delivery systems.

Our mission

To provide uncommon benefit to our patients, customers and shareholders through accessing, developing and enhancing proprietary, innovative technologies and creating medical products with strong competitive advantages which serve large markets.

Our polymer technology

SyntheMed, Inc. is a biomaterials company focusing on the development and commercialization of anti-adhesion, drug delivery products, and other surgical implants. Our research and development initiatives encompass a broad range of bioresorbable polymeric compositions which blend both hydrophilic and hydrophobic components.

Our long-standing relationship with the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has resulted in numerous patented inventions that form the basis for our broad polymer technology platform. The versatility of the proprietary bioresorbable materials we've developed, and whose potential we continue to exploit, opens a wide range of surgical product opportunities that we are pursuing with one goal in mind: to improve the quality of patient care.

Our management team

Richard L. Franklin, MD
Robert P. Hickey
Eli Pines, PhD
John M. Benson, CPA
Gere S. diZerega, MD
John S. Hoffer
Corinne Mundin

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SyntheMed board of directors

David G.P. Allan
Barry R. Frankel
Richard L. Franklin, MD
Joerg Gruber
Robert P. Hickey
Walter R. Maupay, Jr.

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SyntheMed scientific/clinical advisors

SyntheMed uses a number of consultants and advisors for research, development and the testing of our technologies and products. We periodically confer with these consultants and advisors to discuss research, development and testing strategies as well as specific details of certain projects.
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